Important Information Regarding Portraits and Yearbooks

If you choose to have this portrait taken by another photographer other than Lifetouch, then that photographer will need to e-mail, Ms. Jones, your portrait. The portrait will
NOT be accepted from another photographer any other way, except e-mail. Also, after the photo is taken, follow up with Ms. Jones to make sure she received it from your outside photographer.
If the senior portrait is not received by Dec. 15, then you will not be in the Yearbook.
Yearbooks are on sale right now! They are currently $60.00 plus tax until January 15, 2016. By the end of the 2016-2017 school year they will be $75.00, so it is recommended that you order asap!
You can order online at
Directions to order Yearbook online:
1.       Go to Jostens. Com
2.       Click on Buy Your Yearbooks
3.       Type Kenwood High School *There are two Kenwood High School, make sure you click on the Baltimore, Maryland*
4.       Order your 2017 Yearbook J
You can also purchase a Yearbook via order form. Order forms can be picked up and turned in before and after school in Room 3 to Ms. Jones.

Thank you for visiting our Class of 2017 Yearbook Page. As information becomes available, it will be posted here! Please check back as the year progresses!
Updated 12/1/2016